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Laura Vien Music Piano & Voice Teacher

Piano Teacher and Voice Lessons - In-home and Private - Serving Middletown, Leonardo, Belford, and Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Located near Bayshore Middle School.

Laura Vien Piano Voice Teacher

Laura Vien - Piano and Voice

My love of music began at age two or three when I would hear my dad playing the piano, my mom playing guitar and the whole family singing together. I began piano lessons at age four and my teacher was my grandmother. She was very positive and encouraging. Thus began a lifetime love affair with the piano, exploring the musical spectrum, but especially my beloved Beethoven and Chopin.

My siblings will never forgive me for forcing them to perform in my little musicals and variety shows, with my staging, choreographing, musically directing, costuming, for the parents and neighbors. It looks like it was in the cards that I would end up making my living as a musical theater performer for several years and end up composing and directing musicals for kids and adults.

From a very young age, I played and sang for school musicals, choirs, graduations, weddings and recitals and learned to love the pressure and pride of performance. Because I started so young, it just seemed like second nature to play in front of people. I believe in starting lessons at a young age, if possible, since it feels effortless to learn and builds great confidence. Reading music becomes a second language.

I played clarinet as my second instrument in school band, marching band and then orchestra in high school and college. My third instrument was oboe (and notice I say, “was”) which I found very difficult but still beautiful. When a student was out sick for a week, the orchestra leader would stick me on whatever instrument needed to be covered which was gratifying, if terrifying. I started voice lessons as well and performed in Madrigals in high school. My freshman year at Mount Holyoke, I was selected to be in the Chorale, which was the exclusive four girl only group. We did very complex harmonies and counterpoint in several different languages.

I began teaching piano and voice full-time in my late 20s and realized how much I loved the art and responsibility of teaching. I enjoy sharing what I love the most with others. Through my experience and analysis, I try to reduce the learning curve so that students feel successful early on. I like making students happy by choosing exciting repertoire that inspires them to want to practice and improve. I like that they trust me to lead them and I don’t take that trust for granted.

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